Be Your Own DJ

Splyce app provides you a whole new music experience for your parties, workouts and commute

Do you want to have the best DJ always available and DJing your favorite music? Then you need Splyce on your iPhone! It is as easy as adding your favorite songs to your playlist. Splyce will help you order them showing the BPMs and will provide several tools to make your playlist shine on the dance floor.

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Save Your Splycelists

On the new 2.0 version you can create your own splycelists with your favorite music and mixing settings and save them for the right time. Commute, partying or working out has never been so easy & fun!

Make the most out of Splyce by creating and saving your Splycelists. Now it’s easier than ever! Just find the perfect songs and start creating the best playlist that anyone can imagine. Then save them and use them any time. You’ll be able to share them in future versions of the app.

Version 2.0.1 available. Upgrade now for free!


Make Splyce stand out of any other music app on the App Store! Includes the Philips Hue support, music artwork on your lock screen and some extra themes to enhance your visual experience with Splyce


Get all the power out of Splyce’s music engine! You’ll get new sound effects to enhance your music sessions: flanger, phaser and filter. You will also get new mix transitions: the equalized fade and echo freeze. Plus the ability to look up tracks by BPM


It’s all about Splycelists! Save and load your own playlists. Start creating your own DJ sessions and let Splyce do its magic. Be the star of your party

What’s new in this version?

  • Splycelists: Upgrade to Premium and save your playlists with all their mixing and length settings so you can enjoy and improve your Splycelists over and over again!
  • Smart Seek Engine: Enjoy the never seen before Smart Seek engine!!! Seek through the song and Splyce will choose the best hot spot around it.
  • Smart Length Engine: Need some action? Let Splyce choose the best part of the song for you and enjoy your music to the max
  • Two new transitions: Brake & Stop
  • Two new lighting modes (Philips hue lights): Volume & Flash


Upgrade for free!

I’ll Follow You

Every song tries to adapt to the next one within a defined BPM range over the mix period of time

Follow The Leader

The first song’s BPM sets the beat for the rest of the playlist and following songs will try to adapt to their BPM within a defined range

All By Myself

Every song has its own BPM and will keep it no matter how fast or slow the next songs are

Philips hue integration

We have added a little magic to our fancy music player. So if you are a proud owner of a Philips hue pack, you can connect your Philips hue led bulbs to Splyce and you will see how magical it is to see how music and lighting effects work synchronized, following each song’s BPMs

Discover the App Play demo video

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